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Milind Tambe Photography

Welcome to my website…

I am Milind Tambe an artist using photography as my medium. Photography for me is a tool to express my self and my outlook to life. I strongly believe in continual learning, and that no one ever stops learning.

I follow a very simple approach to life “Live as if you were to die tomorrow and Learn as if you were to live for ever.”

As you browse my portfolio you will realize that I love to travel and I love the mountains. In pursuit of my “Zest to Live Life and Learn” you will also notice that I have no set style of image making or post processing….I love to learn and experiment, I love breaking the rules, …and nothing as per me is wrong or right in image making or post processing as along as one achieves the end result ethically and honestly. So if you ask me, do I post process my images, I will be honest to say yes, rather some of them are heavy handed on processing…

Out of all the various subject matter and techniques that you may see in my portfolio, if you ask me my most favourite one….it is the Impressionist style involving ICM ( Intentional Camera Movement). Why is it that one must hold the camera steady to make images…. why can’t one move the frame itself? I love practicing different ways to create Impressionist and Expressionist images using different in camera capture techniques as well as bold post processing techniques, as you will see them in the port folio

I also love Monochromes ! As a matter of fact those of my other photographer colleagues, who often are along with me for self imposed assignments, are well aware that I am so drawn to the Grey Scale that my camera is set on monochrome mode most of the time. Whilst I was a newbie way back in 1984, I was always told by my Mentors in photography to look out for that 18% Grey and its color equivalents, to ensure a good tonal range in the image, and probably that is imbibed so deep that I actually tend to see the scene in terms of grey scale, and it’s merit does show in the final images.

I hope you enjoy this visit to the site, keep visiting, you will see some meaningful articles on the Blog page as well.

Do feel free to give a shout, I often do “1 on 1”  coaching sessions, on line as well as in person, and shall be more than happy to help and share and / or work together!

Till then…stay safe…stay healthy…continue creating wonderful images and yes ………enjoy life!  Cheers….Milind Tambe

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